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EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES GROUP - free non-profit group & community service, since 2004, in The Woodlands (Houston suburb), Texas, USA

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Starting a non-profit EFT group:

Currently there are at least 2 types of EFT groups
  1. a non-profit group of equal members, trying to follow in Gary Craig's footsteps

  2. a group led by a health professional, as part of a money-making practice

The Woodlands EFT Tappers is the first kind of group.
Where the group is non-profit, the objective is to teach, and we are all equal. Where some may have longer experience, and have watched more of Gary Craig's teaching material. But where we also know from experience that it is usually quite easy for newcomers to catch up.

Where we can either 1. tap for anything, or 2. have special goal in mind - e.g. weight loss, or financial abundance, as two off-shoot non-profit groups in this area have been concentrating on.

EFT is uniquely different, being enormously powerful, and easy even for children to quickly learn.
Just like Gary Craig, we want to make EFT a world-wide movement, available to everybody.

See below for some tips on how to start your own non-profit EFT group.

We are very grateful to Gary Craig for his fantastic initiative, and want to honor him by continuing to spread EFT for free!


This is what we did:

  1. First, one person heard about EFT (from mercola.com) & sent for a couple of videos from Gary Craig

  2. Next, let some friends watch them

  3. To begin with, we thought is looked silly, and didn't do much, for a couple of years

  4. Next, we finally started testing to see if EFT was worthwhile - which it was!

  5. About 4 people (& a parrot) then decided to meet regularly at the library in 2004 - to watch videos & group-tap. (Using computer & projector.)

  6. We spoke at some of our other groups about EFT - & showed videos (e.g. from YouTube) - & got more members

  7. We collected money at our meetings & purchased all of Gary Craig's videos

  8. We advertised (free) in the local newsletter

  9. We made a website

  10. Some members have presented EFT at local health markets

  11. People have slowly dropped in at our meetings.

  12. Today we have a signup sheet, asking newcomers for name & phone & email - and we send a reminder email every week.

  13. We also have started watching "EFT & abundance" videos from YouTube, usually after Gary's "EFT & health" videos.

  14. There are many health professionals with very varying backgrounds in the group, from fields like nutrition, reiki, yoga - who may use EFT as an addition, for improved results

  15. A few of our members have become certified in EFT (Pat Carrington or Gary Craig certification)

  16. We have invited local tapping professionals to speak, even from neighboring fields like TFT, Psych-K, Dahn Yoga tapping

  17. We have had great success with serious diseases & difficult problems, and usually hear some amazing testimonials almost every meeting.

And we have been slowly growing.
Some people come back every week -- others come only a couple of times, to learn.
The meetings are fun & noisy.

Note: you cannot buy Gary Craig's videos anymore (probably), but if you contact us, we might have some extra DVD copies. We are allowed to make 100 copies.

Some tips:

  1. At meetings, it is recommended to aways show 1/2 hour of EFT videos - this keeps the interest on top.

  2. Your local library should have a laptop & projector. If not, use a personal laptop & get a $100 mini-projector, which can e.g. look like this (no recommendation):
    For improved audio quality, perhaps also get a pair of $10 speakers. Collect money from the members.

  3. When diseases are brought up, to tap for - it is common that people sidetrack and tell long stories of their experience with other modalities, for this disease. Gently try to steer the group back to EFT within a minute or two, to start tapping asap. The tapping can include "wanting to get clarity about the best modality to use".
    Possibly - ask members to tap (without words), when a person is describing his/her personal problem.

  4. Even though some members like to shine & are very good at leading the group at tapping - it might be better to avoid letting a few members monopolize the tapping, creating authority figures. But also always e.g. have "round-table" tappings - letting everybody lead the tapping, one-by-one. It is good to have large variation in HOW to tap. If a member is afraid to lead the tapping, just tap for this problem...

  5. We have good experience with this: 1/2 hour of testimonials & general discussion, 1/2 hour of videos (while tapping along), 1/2 hour of tapping for member issues. A total or 90 minutes, once a week.

  6. Better to watch the videos first, before tapping for member issues. This makes people a little more inspired.

  7. It is good to always have some handouts with tapping points, for newcomers. See here.

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